Paying Attention to Plant Environments

At USPlants, we believe that green design is more than just landscaping or another factor of interior design. It's a unique symbiosis and interaction between plant and human life. In our design philosophy, we sometimes refer to this as ‘biophilic’ design – the delicate dance of coexistence between humans and plant and vegetable life. That... Continue Reading →


The Value of Plant Walls

At U.S. Plants Inc., we excel in helping customers to implement specific kinds of green space installations. We provide various kinds of landscaping services, including specialized items like plant walls and moss walls to give your property customized environmental appeal. Here's part of how we help customers out with plant walls and other green spaces... Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Jazz Up Your Garden

So you started a garden and your plants are starting to grow, but something seems to be missing. You thought a few flowers and some greenery was all your garden needed to look great, but now you are feeling like you left something out. Don’t give up on your garden just yet, try one or... Continue Reading →

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